Why Ductless Air Conditioners?

One of the most common questions our technicians are asked is why are ductless air conditioners a good cooling solution for either a home or office. There are numerous reasons to choose ductless air conditioners for your home cooling needs, and we’ve listed them here to help our customers completely understand why we install and maintain so many ductless air conditioners throughout Toronto, York Region and the rest of the GTA.

Reduce Your Heating & Cooling Bill

Ductless air conditioners and mini-split systems are some of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling options currently available. Compared to other systems the cost of operation of these units for heating is much less per BTU than that of a natural gas furnace. When it comes to cooling your home, ductless air conditioners are easier to assign to zones and specific rooms in your house, so you only pay for cooling rooms that you’re using not empty rooms.

Even reducing your heating and cooling bill by 25% can save you hundreds of dollars each year, and over the lifespan of your heating and cooling appliances that amount could be in the thousands. Depending on the size of your ductless air conditioners are one of the most affordable HVAC options and can easily help you recoup their cost within 5 years of operation.

Ductless Air Conditioners: Installation is Simple

Unlike central air conditioning systems, ductless air conditioners don’t require ductwork to cool your home. Without this added cost and invasive construction, the installation of a ductless air conditioner is far cheaper and easier than a central air conditioner. It also allows you to maintain the layout and configuration of your home and position your ductless units to properly cool the areas you want.

Combination Heating & Cooling

Some ductless air conditioners have the option of providing both heating and cooling. As air conditioning systems they can be relied upon to completely cool your home or office from top to bottom as necessary. When it comes to heating they are the perfect option to handle those cool nights in spring and fall, but should be combined with other heating solutions to handle the drastic cold of Toronto winters. Because they draw heat from the air outside and transfer it to the rest of your home they have to work extra hard during extremely cold day to take the heat out of the freezing cold air. This is when the heating component of ductless air conditioners isn’t as efficient as normal, which is why we recommend combining it with another heating option such as an existing boiler.

Easily Controlled

Each ductless unit in your home can be controlled individually through remote controls, or if you have zones set up they can be controlled through a thermostat. This allows you to specify the temperature of individual rooms or areas, whereas with central heating and cooling options you don’t have a choice but to heat or cool an entire space at once.

Maintain Humidity Control

Some ductless units also provide the ability to control the humidity in your home or a specific space. On very warm days they can effectively remove the moisture from the air and keep your home’s internal climate more comfortable than ever.

Circulation & Filtering

One benefit of ductless air conditioners is that they continually circulate air throughout your spaces and in doing so they filter the air of dust, allergens and other particles. This essentially improves the breathability of the air in your home.

We could write all day about our passion and love-affair with ductless air conditioners, but these are a few of the main benefits you’ll experience with your new ductless AC system. For more information about getting a new ductless air conditioning system installed or repaired contact Ductless Air┬átoday: 647-547-6079.