Viessmann Cast Iron Boilers

Viessmann cast iron oil boilers to offer a reliable, durable and efficient residential heating solution. Viessmann boilers have a compact triple-pass design when combined with a high-quality heat exchanger surface ensures easy installation, economical energy consumption, high operational reliability, and long service life.

Viessmann cast iron boilers


Viessmann Cast Iron Oil Boilers: A genuine triple-pass boiler of cast iron sectional design. This is the perfect solution to replace your existing oil boiler to ensure that you and your family have the heat and comfort you want throughout the cold winter months. Boiler Pro has been installing Viessmann oil boilers in Toronto homes for over 35 years and with all that experience you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to properly install your new efficient oil boiler.

Rated input: 91 to 245 MBH

  • Maximum heat extraction and efficiency thanks to the triple-pass heat exchanger.
  • Long service life and maximum reliability with extremely durable cast iron heat exchanger.
  • Clean and efficient combustion thanks to the stainless steel combustion chamber insert.
  • Quiet combustion with Beckett or Riello burner.
  • For greater efficiency and comfort, modulate the boiler water temperature with a Vitotronic control.
  • Eliminate the need for a chimney and combustion air supply opening with the direct vent option (VR1 models 22 to 33 and 91 to 140).
  • Low maintenance cost with service-friendly burner and easy-to-clean flue gas passageways.

The Vitorond 100, with its triple-pass heat exchanger, is designed to achieve a high level of efficiency while providing exceptional comfort. Unlike single-pass boilers, the Vitorond 100 guides flue gasses through the heat exchanger three times, allowing the greatest amount of heat extraction to be achieved. This design significantly increases the efficiency of the boiler and results in excellent fuel utilization, reducing emissions and your heating cost.

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