Toronto Winter Furnace Maintenance

Winter Furnace Maintenance

When fall comes and school is back in session there is always lots to do. Whether you’re busy with family, business, or school it’s easy to leave things off your fall and winter to-do list that are important to keeping your house in order. While keeping your yard looking good with the leaves raked and snow shovels ready, it’s easy to forget about the appliances inside of your house. Winter furnace maintenance is one of the most important pieces of your fall and winter maintenance routine. You don’t want to have to install a new furnace earlier than you intended.

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At Ductless Air, our professional winter furnace maintenance technicians recommend furnace service and maintenance be done at least once each year. This helps prevent your furnace from breaking down in the middle of winter when you need it most. Your furnace may operate sporadically during the fall, but typically in Toronto, York Region, and the GTA your furnace operates throughout the winter. Here are some benefits to having furnace maintenance proactively done in the fall:

    • Energy Efficient Furnace: Regular furnace maintenance helps ensure that your furnace is running efficiently during the coldest months of the winter. Essentially, the more efficient your furnace is, the less it costs you to operate it. When it’s operating all day every day to keep your home warm the savings you generate through efficiency add up to huge savings in the spring.
    • Furnace Reliability: Having professional winter furnace maintenance performed by an expert from Ductless Air Heating & Cooling ensures that your furnace is in top shape and ready for the cold winter months. Your furnace is a machine and over time machines eventually break down, which is why general and routine maintenance is important. Performing annual maintenance on your furnace ensures its reliability over the course of the winter.
    • Furnace Warranty:

Most furnace manufacturers require that at least one professional furnace maintenance appointment is performed each year to maintain their warranty. Regular maintenance will not only increase efficiency and help address small problems, but it will ensure your warranty is valid if you run into larger problems down the road.

There are nearly endless reasons to have annual winter furnace maintenance performed. Overall, the best reasons are probably sitting around the dinner table with you for dinner every evening.

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