Summer Problems With An Old Air Conditioner

There was a time not long ago when having a central air conditioner in your home was a sought after feature. Being the first to get a central air conditioner was like getting a microwave before everyone else, where it would actually be a talking point that would be cause for jealousy. Over time central air conditioners have become commonplace and many people wouldn’t purchase a home without one. As a result they’re not as coveted but expected pieces of a house’s infrastructure.

Unfortunately central air conditioners aren’t replaced as often as they should be, typically because systems have worked reliably for many years and the cost to replace them might seem daunting to the uneducated homeowner. The problem with keeping an old system around for too long can lead to a number of different issues that most homeowners would ideally like to avoid if given the option. Here are the most important reasons to avoid keeping your air conditioner for more than 15 years.

Air Conditioner Performance

If your air conditioner is already operating beyond its recommended life-cycle it’s very likely not performing as efficiently as you’d ideally want it to. As time passes the efficiency and performance of any air conditioner will slowly decline. This can lead to reduced efficiency, increased energy bills, a reduction in the comfort level in your home, and higher maintenance costs.

At a certain point no amount of maintenance will be enough to ensure your air conditioner is operating properly, and if this occurs in the dead heat of summer you may have to wait a number of days for a replacement unit. Additionally, paying for this replacement unit might not be in your financial plans for the summer and might affect things like weekend trips and vacations.

The Cost Of An Old Air Conditioner

Simply put older air conditioners and by and large older model air conditioners cost more to run than newer ones and newer models. On top of the added cost to operate them they also provide you and your family with less comfort as they get older. Older parts have to work harder to keep your home cool, which results in a larger amount of energy consumption and higher energy bills each month. The cost of repairs and maintenance will also increase in terms of frequency and amount.


As mentioned an air conditioner typically lasts for 15 years on the high-end, which means even if it’s still running beyond that point it’s not working well and a breakdown is probably imminent. The sudden costs and impact on your household budget of a breakdown can be daunting if you’re not prepared for them. Planning ahead and scheduling a summer or time of year when your purchase and install a replacement is the best way to reduce the financial impact. This is also the best way to ensure that a technician is available and ready to remove your existing air conditioner and install a new high-efficiency one.

Overall, taking the replacement of your central air conditioner into your own hands is the best way to keep your family cool, avoid increasing maintenance and utility costs, and avoid the sudden financial impact of a completely unexpected replacement.

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