Is A NEST Thermostat Right for My Home?

Living in Toronto and the GTA means you are familiar with the weather. This year has been especially back and forth all winter with temperatures rising and falling every other day. New highs have been reached only to be followed up with freezing rain or snow, which can affect your heating bill. Rather than getting frustrated with always having to keep an eye on the weather, the answer might be as simple as installing a new NEST thermostat. NEST is a great thermostat you could have professionally installed to monitor your home’s temperature and save you some money on your next energy bill.

Can A NEST Thermostat Really Save You Money?

The short answer is yes. The NEST learning thermostat can help you save money, especially in Toronto and the GTA! With the lake so close by, temperatures are already influenced and different from surrounding areas of the province. Just think about how cold it can get in Ottawa in the winter. Here, not so much – at least, not consistently.

There are many factors that contribute to fluctuating temperatures, but your home should always be comfortable. Installing a NEST will help regulate the climate of your home. Best of all, it learns from you.

NEST Thermostat Adapts to Your Home

Besides being a quality brand and product, NEST learning thermostats do exactly that, learn. More specifically, they learn from you and what your preferences are. Adapting to your personal comfort level is not only a benefit in maintaining that sweet spot on your home’s thermostat, but it also cuts costs on your energy bill. Think about it. When you’re at work or out of the house and the mercury drops outside or rises, who takes care of adjusting your home’s internal temperature? NEST will.

A NEST learning thermostat monitors how hot or cold it gets outside and makes the proper adjustments indoors to compensate. When you receive your next energy bill, you’ll notice a bit of a difference. NEST prevents your home from wasting heating and cooling, which saves money and keeps you comfortable year-round.

Whether you’ve also need ductless air installation or furnace installation at the same time, we can ensure your new NEST thermostat is properly configured for your entire HVAC system.

Who Can Install My New NEST Thermostat?

In an area like Toronto and the GTA, there are plenty of do-it-yourselfers and handymen available to help with home repairs. The scary part is most will overshoot what they are qualified to do. This includes thermostat installation. Things you might want to ask yourself would be, how long has this person been serving Toronto and the GTA? Do they have any testimonials or references you can check? How big of an area do they actually serve? Your safest bet is to call Ductless Air to take care of your NEST thermostat installation.

All these questions go a long way in weeding out those looking to make a quick buck. At Ductless Air, we’ve been helping people who live in Toronto and the GTA for over 30 years. Our experts specialize in HVAC installation and maintenance, including thermostat installation. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, we pride ourselves on delivering quality service our clients can count on time and time again. Each member of our team understands the importance of being available to help at all hours of the day, which is why we are available 24/7.

Contact us today at 647-547-6079 to learn more or ask any questions you may have. We’d love to help you schedule thermostat installation and get a NEST thermostat all set up in your home.