The Very Effective Mini Split System

The term” mini split system” typically refers a type of ductless air conditioning system also known as a heat pump. These systems have one outdoor unit and one or more smaller indoor air handling units. A mini split system or a heat pump unit are great cooling solutions for both residential and commercial environments that don’t have ductwork where a forced air system can be placed.

Mini Split System: Efficient & Quiet

These systems are very efficient cooling options that operate in a fairly simple way. Basically, a mini split system has a single outdoor unit, know as a heat pump, which services the indoor air handling units. The more air handling units a system has can affect the size of the heat pump required to service them all. Some heat pumps can service up to 64 air handling units depending on needs. Here are some of the factors that affect the capacity of heat pumps:

  • Climate of building or home
  • Altitude of building or home
  • System configuration
  • Number of connected indoor fan coils
  • Length of line-sets (a.k.a. refrigerant lines) and number of 90 degree bends in each line set between the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Design and orientation of building or home
  • Location of outdoor unit (can be installed on the interior or exterior of building or home with proper ventilation)

Cooling Solutions For Older Toronto Homes

A┬ámini split system is the perfect cooling solution for old Toronto homes that don’t have any existing ductwork. These old home would require tens of thousands of dollars in renovations and repairs in order to install proper ductwork to accommodate a central air conditioning system. In addition to the cost of renovating this activity typically forces the replacement of a boiler and radiator system, which means a new furnace will have to be purchased to replace it. Overall, installing ductwork can lead to snowballing costs that can be easily avoided by installing a heat pump and air exchangers. The only construction necessary to install a mini split system is mounting a heat pump outside of your home, mounting the indoor units, and running copper lines through the exterior wall to accommodate each indoor unit.

Is A Mini Split System Right For You?

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