• 3 New Trends In Ductless Air Installation

    Ductless Air Installation

    Since the invention of air conditioning in 1902 by Willis Carrier there have been many leaps and bounds when it comes to cooling technology and ductless air installation. Ductless air conditioners have changed quite a bit over the last 100 years as manufacturers continue to create advancements and better technology. As a result, the popularity […]

  • Extra Heating And Cooling For Your Home

    heating and cooling

    Finding that perfect temperature isn’t easy. Based on the number of rooms in your home, how many people you live with, and even how much the temperature can change throughout the day, you might be too warm one hour and reaching for a blanket the next. So how do you add that bit of extra […]

  • Quality Furnace Options: Know Before You Install

    quality furnace options

    While it’s always nice to find a good deal on anything, you should be careful about being too stingy. After all, most quality furnace options are within the same price range, so saving a few bucks shouldn’t be your only focus. The keyword here is quality. Just like you wouldn’t buy a TV from a […]

  • Turn Your HVAC System Off And On Again

    HVAC system

    Have you tried turning your HVAC system off and then on again? You might hear this all the time with other electronics like computers, televisions and smartphones, but it’s not a common solution for HVAC systems. Newer furnaces, air conditioners, ductless air conditioners, boilers and other HVAC system components are filled with electronics and computers […]

  • Keeping Your Air Conditioner In Good Working Order

    air conditioner

    Seasonal air conditioner maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your air conditioner. If you place value on the money you spent to install your air conditioner, regardless of the type you have, maintenance is important to protect that investment. Ordinary wear and tear, especially dirt and grime buildup, can cause your […]

  • HVAC Service In Toronto And The GTA

    hvac service

    Anyone who’s ever been on Kijiji or Craigslist knows the struggle to find good help is all too real. From phonies and conmen to people who are just looking to make a quick buck, you should never be looking to gamble on someone who isn’t a professional when it comes to HVAC service. But how […]

  • Pros And Cons Of Heat Pumps

    heat pumps

    Choosing a system to heat your home in the winter months is an important investment. It usually means sitting down and doing a bit of research, making some calls, or asking around to see what other friends and family use to heat their own homes. There are 3 main options consisting of heat pumps, furnaces, […]

  • Is A Boiler Heating System Right For You?

    boiler heating system

    As a homeowner, there is a lot of responsibility that falls on your shoulders to maintain your home. Sometimes that can simple things like cleaning out the gutters of your roof, while others can be a bit more complex like deciding which heating system is right for your home. When it comes to the latter, […]

  • Where Do I Find 24/7 Heat Pump Repair Near Me?

    heat pump repair

    Everyone in Toronto and the GTA knows the old saying of “good help is hard to find”. In fact, just about everyone knows that expression, but in a city this big, it’s especially true. Finding the right 24/7 heat pump repair service doesn’t have to be complicated if you know how to weed out the […]

  • Toronto Heat Pump Installation

    heat pump installation

    Choosing how to heat your home doesn’t have to be confusing or result in you spending hours of time researching. Instead, take a look below to learn the basics of why heat pumps are a great choice in Toronto and the GTA. Ductless Air is also here if you need heat pump installation services. Discover […]

  • Benefits Of Heat Pumps Over Central Heating

    heat pump benefits

    With more and more people looking for housing in Toronto and the GTA, spaces are becoming more and more compact. What does that mean for your heating options in the winter though? If you’ve been wondering about upgrading your heating, it might be nice to know more about the benefits of heat pumps in your […]

  • What Are My Air Conditioning System Options?

    air conditioning system

    If you’ve ever spent the summer in Toronto and the GTA, you know that air conditioning is a necessity. You might not need it every night, but there are always a few weeks where the humidity can make it very uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to know which air conditioning system options are available to […]

  • 3 Questions Before Buying A New Ductless Air Conditioner?

    new ductless air conditioner

    Buying anything in a city as big as Toronto and the GTA can leave you with countless options to choose from. This is especially true when searching for a new ductless air conditioner. So to make things easy, here are 3 things you should know before you start looking at all the available models on […]

  • Case Study: Ductless Air Conditioners For Sale

    ductless air conditioners for sale

    While most of our customers call us first before they install any HVAC in their homes, some call us to repair the damage after a lousy experience elsewhere. This is one of those times, and it started with the words Ductless Air Conditioners For Sale”. If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably […]

  • What You Need To Know About Ductless Heating And Cooling Units

    ductless heating and cooling units

    Finding the right air conditioning option for your home isn’t easy. There are a lot of things to consider, including the size of your residence, the climate of where you live, and how well the insulation has held up over the years. Take a look below at some of the pros and cons of ductless […]

  • Ductless Air Systems Need Maintenance Too!

    ductless air systems

    Ductless air systems and ductless heat pumps systems aren’t like your standard window air conditioners. They have both an indoor air handler unit and an outdoor compressor unit. They’re known as mini split systems, basically because they’re a smaller version of a central air conditioning system, which is also a split system. By comparison a […]

  • Ductless Heat Pumps: Rid Your Home Of Baseboard Heaters

    ductless heat pumps

    Baseboard heaters…we’re baseboard haters! Few things are as inefficient as baseboard heaters. They might adequately heat your home, but there are more downsides than positives. Split ductless heat pumps provide an option that rivals baseboard heaters in every way, but without needing expensive ductwork to be installed. Baseboard Heaters Most of the baseboard heaters we’ve […]

  • Ductless Heat Pump Rebate: Up To $5800

    heat pump rebate

    Need a new ductless heat pump for your home. Call Ductless Air in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA today and get up to $5800 off. This ductless heat pump rebate is for a limited time only, so call today to find out which of our great models qualify. If you need a new ductless […]

  • Ductless Air Conditioners Or Heat Pumps?

    heat pumps

    Toronto, the GTA and all of southern Ontario have 3 seasons. They are super cold, nice and warm and road construction season. Some may also argue that hockey season happens in there somewhere too. Simply put, we make many decisions in our lives depending on the weather. One of the biggest choices we make is […]

  • 3 More Common FAQs About Ductless Air Conditioners

    ductless air conditioners

    We weren’t really going to just leave you with 3 FAQs about ductless air conditioners. Here are 3 more questions that we get asked all the time. How much do ductless air conditioners cost? There are so many variables involved in the selection and installation of ductless air conditioners in a home that it’s not […]

  • 3 Common FAQs About Ductless Air Conditioners

    ductless air conditioners

    Lots of our customers have ductless air conditioners in their homes, but no matter how long they’ve had them there are always questions about them. Here are some of the most common questions we get, and some quick helpful summarizing answers. What are ductless air conditioners? Are they the same as “mini-split” systems? Ductless air […]

  • Tips For Choosing A Heat Pump

    heat pump

    Choosing any home appliance isn’t an easy task. There are always so many features to consider, the energy efficiency, the size, the model, the manufacturer and of course the price. It might sound daunting but most of us have the ability to make a decision about what new fridge or stove to buy. When it […]

  • Heat Pump Maintenance For Efficient Operation

    heat pump maintenance

    When it comes to proper heat pump maintenance there are a few things every homeowner needs to know. While it’s obvious that the proper operation of your heat pump will result in reliable heat for your home and family, that doesn’t always translate to efficiency. Just because your heat pump is operating doesn’t mean it’s […]

  • Heating Your Home With Heat Pumps

    heat pumps

    Heat pumps are great additions to ductless air conditioning units. They provide an efficient method of heating specific spaces in your home during colder months of the year. Heating your home with heat pumps allows you to keep your furnace or boiler off for a longer period into the fall and early spring. They do […]

  • Case Study: Commercial Ductless Installation

    commercial ductless installation

    With plenty of turnover in a city the size of Toronto and the GTA, there is no shortage of commercial spaces looking to rent out to the latest entrepreneur. That’s what led us to Sam. His commercial space wasn’t the biggest, but it housed 2 floors with space for 2 separate businesses to operate comfortably […]

  • Case Study: New Ductless Air Conditioner

    new ductless air conditioner

    About a month ago Harold and Jenny (Names Changed To Protect Privacy) called Ductless Air in need of a cooling solution for their Toronto home. They weren’t sure what could be done because of the layout and age of their home, but for our Ductless Air technician all signs pointed to a new ductless air […]

  • Which Ductless AC System Should I Choose?

    Ductless ac system

    In a city as big and expensive as Toronto and the GTA, upgrading your home is a big step. You’ll need to consider all the factors before spending your hard-earned money on something like a ductless ac system. Have a look below to get a better idea of the benefits of installing one, as well […]

  • Ductless Air Conditioning: Is It Right For Me?

    ductless air conditioning

    Homes in Toronto and the GTA usually fall into one of two categories. You either have a much older house or a newly built house or condo. In the case of the new ones, central air conditioning is almost a guarantee. Vents are installed to deliver warm and cold air to your new residence. On […]

  • Honeywell Thermostat Installation: Do I need a new thermostat?

    honeywell thermostat

    Whether you live in a basement or the penthouse of a condo building, being comfortable is always an important perk of being at home. Waking up in the middle of the night because you’re too warm isn’t much fun. The only thing worse is trying to get out of bed in the morning when your […]

  • Is A NEST Thermostat Right For My Home?

    nest thermostat

    Living in Toronto and the GTA means you are familiar with the weather. This year has been especially back and forth all winter with temperatures rising and falling every other day. New highs have been reached only to be followed up with freezing rain or snow, which can affect your heating bill. Rather than get […]

  • Window Units vs. Ductless Air Systems

    ductless air systems

    If you’ve got a window air conditioner you know how noisy they can be. On top of that they’re a big power drain and can be a costly addition to your home. Ductless air systems are an excellent alternative for a number of reasons, and can save you lots of money in the long-term. Ductless […]

  • Money Saving Air Conditioning Tips

    air conditioning

    If you live somewhere with more moderate summer temperatures like Northern Ontario then you may not need central air conditioning. If you live in an older home you might not have the luxury of central air conditioning and have to rely on other types of air conditioning. Even if you live in Toronto, York Region […]

  • New Ductless Air Conditioners & Technology

    New Ductless Air Conditioners

    New ductless air conditioners have come a long way since their infancy. Companies like LG, Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi offer some of the most energy-efficient units on the market. In addition to their energy-efficiency they’re also very stylish and come packed with lots of great features that consumers love. New Ductless Air Conditioners: Inverter Technology […]

  • Maximize Efficiency: Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioners

    Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioners

    Mitsubishi is a well-known brand worldwide. It has a reputation for high quality products that range from automobiles to air conditioners. With continuous innovation and technological progress in the HVAC industry it’s easy to see how Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners are some of the best on the market. They have split zone ductless air conditioning […]

  • 10 Important Things About Air Conditioners

    air conditioners

    Most homes in Toronto, York Region and elsewhere in the GTA have air conditioners. For some people air conditioners still might be a luxury they can’t afford or haven’t splurged on yet, but there are options for affordable non-window units such as ductless air conditioners. For others air conditioning is a necessity and they can’t […]

  • Japanese Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

    ductless air conditioning systems

    Ductless air conditioning systems are very common in North America, but it wasn’t always. Invented in Japan in the 1970’s, ductless air conditioning systems were originally designed as a window unit alternative, and have gradually evolved over the years. The idea was to always provide spot or area cooling to homes and businesses, but since then […]

  • Ductless Air Replacement is Easy

    ductless air replacement

    You’ve had your trusty and reliable ductless air conditioner for so long you don’t even remember having it installed. Ductless air conditioners are machines and like all machines they eventually need maintenance, repair and ultimately replacement. It might seem like it will be daunting or expensive, but realistically ductless air replacement is easy! Ductless Air […]

  • Cool Off This Summer With A New Air Conditioner

    new air conditioner

    Some people eat ice cream, other flock to the beach, and some dive head first into swimming pools, but there’s no better way to beat the heat than with a brand new air conditioner. If you live in a home without an air conditioner or its old, unreliable, or noisy it might be time for […]

  • Installing Ductless Air Conditioning? Read This First

    installing ductless air conditioning

    Installing ductless air conditioning is an excellent cooling solution for homes and businesses. When it comes to installing ductless air conditioning there are a few things you should know. Check out this great list of things to consider about installing ductless air conditioning, so you can make the right choices moving forward. Things To Consider […]

  • The Benefits of Ductless Air Installation

    ductless air installation

    You may have heard that ductless air conditioning is better than other types of air conditioning. This statement isn’t completely wrong because it’s an excellent choice, but it’s important to know when you should choose ductless air installation over other options. A few common conceptions surrounding ductless air conditioning is that it doesn’t waste energy […]

  • Beat The Heat: Toronto Ductless Air Experts

    Toronto ductless air

    Toronto and the rest of the GTA communities along the lakeshore have been lucky when it comes to extreme weather. In the past Lake Ontario has created somewhat mild winters and cooler summers, but with global warming slowly taking effect those days are fewer each year. In Toronto and the rest of the GTA summers […]

  • The Advantages of The Mini Split Air Conditioner

    mini split air conditioner

    Ductless, mini split air conditioners have lots of potential applications in all types of residential, commercial and institutional scenarios. These systems are typically found in old homes that don’t have existing duct systems or small commercial storefronts. They’re essential when ductwork isn’t present but affordable, efficient and reliable cooling and heating solutions are needed. Mini […]

  • Ductless AC Troubleshooting Guide For Homeowners

    ductless AC

    As a homeowner with a ductless AC system it’s important to know that there are things that you can take care of in between scheduled maintenance appointments that can keep your ductless AC system operating properly and efficiently. The HVAC and ductless AC experts at Novel have assembled a quick and easy to understand list […]

  • The Growing Popularity Of The Ductless Air Conditioning System

    ductless air conditioning system

    At some point in home ownership the decision to renovate or move comes up. Both have their pros and cons, but if you make the decision to renovate then it’s important to note that there are options other than central air conditioning when it comes to home cooling. Central air conditioning is often the first […]

  • Why Is Water Leaking From My Air Conditioner?

    air conditioner

    You rely on your air conditioner to keep you and your family cool during the hot Toronto summertime. Whether you live in Toronto, York Region and the GTA you need to know that your air conditioner is working properly and there is a company that you can count on the ensure it remains reliable all summer […]

  • Use SEER To Choose An Efficient Ductless Air Conditioner


    SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of an air conditioner’s efficiency. The higher the rating the more energy-efficient an air conditioning unit is. If you’re interested you can find out more about the exact way SEER in calculated here. Essentially, it’s a ratio of the cooling capacity of an air conditioner to the amount […]

  • 3 Maintenance Tips: Why Isn’t My Ductless Air Conditioner Working?

    Why Isn't My Ductless Air Conditioner Working

    Ductless air conditioners are excellent cooling solutions. They can effectively keep you and your family cool during hot summer months in Toronto, but like any machine or cooling system they require regular maintenance to operate properly and efficiently. Ductless air conditioners are quiet, affordable, efficient, and reliable systems and keeping them in tip-top shape is […]

  • Why Ductless Air Conditioners?

    ductless air conditioners

    One of the most common questions our technicians are asked is why are ductless air conditioners a good cooling solution for either a home or office. There are numerous reasons to choose ductless air conditioners for your home cooling needs, and we've listed them here to help our customers completely understand why we install and [...]

  • Summer Problems With An Old Air Conditioner

    air conditioner

    There was a time not long ago when having a central air conditioner in your home was a sought after feature. Being the first to get a central air conditioner was like getting a microwave before everyone else, where it would actually be a talking point that would be cause for jealousy. Over time central air […]

  • Your Top 5 Ductless Mini Split Questions

    Ductless Mini Split

    When it comes to ductless mini split systems most people have heard of them but aren’t exactly sure what they are, how they work, or if they are the right cooling solution for them. If you have a room or a floor in your home that you want to stay cool but aren’t interested in […]

  • The Very Effective Mini Split System

    mini split system

    The term” mini split system” typically refers a type of ductless air conditioning system also known as a heat pump. These systems have one outdoor unit and one or more smaller indoor air handling units. A mini split system or a heat pump unit are great cooling solutions for both residential and commercial environments that […]

  • Ductless Air Conditioner Repair

    ductless air conditioner repair

    Looking for a ductless air conditioner repair expert? Contact Ductless Air today to take advantage of over 30 years of experience and service in Toronto, York Region and the GTA. Ductless air conditioning is a great option for all homes and businesses that don’t have existing ductwork or central air conditioning systems. Ductless air conditioning […]

  • Furnace Installation Incentives From Ductless Air

    Furnace Installation Incentives

    Replacing and old furnace and installing a new one can be an expensive endeavour. Quite often families don’t plan to replace their furnace and when their existing one breaks down and need replacing they typically don’t have the money on hand. Furnace installation incentives from Ductless Air are the solution to making your furnace replacement […]

  • Toronto Winter Furnace Maintenance

    Winter Furnace Maintenance

    When the fall comes and school is back in session there is always lots to do. Whether you're busy with family, business, or school it's easy to leave things off your fall and winter to-do list that are important to keeping your house in order. While keeping your yard looking good with the leaves raked [...]