Furnace Installation Incentives from Ductless Air

Replacing an old furnace and installing a new one can be an expensive endeavor. Quite often families don’t plan to replace their furnace and when their existing one breaks down and needs replacing, they typically don’t have the money on hand. Furnace installation incentives from Ductless Air are the solution to making your furnace replacement more affordable.

The Ontario government furnace installation incentives reward residents of Ontario for purchasing and installing environmentally friendly furnaces. Typically, these furnaces are slightly more expensive than low efficiency furnaces but offer much better long-term savings on your energy bills. In order to assist residents of Ontario, finance them upfront, Ductless Air will help you apply and complete applications for these Ontario furnace installation incentives.

Here’s a brief overview of the eligibility requirements:

  • Available only to Ontario residents
  • Available to both businesses and homeowners
  • Installations must be done by a participating professional HVAC company like Ductless Air

Only ENERGY STAR certified systems with a 14.5 SEER rating or better, and high-efficiency furnaces with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) are eligible. There are a variety of furnace brands and models that fall into these categories. Talk to a Ductless Air technician today to find out which models will work best for your needs.

Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this great offer. Your new furnace installation must occur soon to quality for these furnace installation incentives. Book an appointment with a Ductless Air technician today to ensure your installation is scheduled in time.

Ductless Air has been serving Toronto, York Region, and the rest of the GTA for over 30 years. We provide affordable and professional furnace installation services as well as other HVAC services to both homeowners and businesses. Contact us today for a free estimate or for more information about Ontario’s furnace installation incentives: 647-547-6079.