Ductless Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Ductless Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps, also called mini-splits, wall mounted splits, or duct-free systems, is an air conditioner that simply reverses the flow of refrigerant between the outdoor and indoor units. All ductless heat pumps are also ductless air conditioners. When heating is required, the heat from the outdoor air is absorbed by the outdoor unit, then more heat is added by the compressor, which then pumps the refrigerant to the indoor unit. After being ejected into the room, the colder refrigerant is pumped through an expansion valve causing the refrigerant to become very cold. Overall, the outdoor coil works as an evaporator and the indoor unit is a condenser. The refrigerant flowing from the evaporator carries the heat energy from outside to the inside. The vapor is then compressed. The indoor coil transfers the heat energy (including energy created from the compression) to the indoor air, which is then moved around the inside of the building by the indoor unit or air handler.

When you purchase a ductless air conditioner, there is quite often the option to have it work as a heat pump too. While most Toronto homes that use ductless air conditioners for cooling use boilers and radiators for heat, they can also take advantage of ductless heat pumps for additional heating. Boilers and radiators are excellent heat sources, but they don’t have blower fans that circulate the air in your home. Many people that use radiant heat also use fans throughout their house. A ductless heat pump is a good solution to ensure that the air in your home is properly circulated and also filtered.

Supplementing your heating system with a ductless heat pump is easy and affordable, and since you’re installing a ductless air conditioner anyway, it only makes sense to take advantage of another heating option, especially considering cold Toronto winters.

30 Years Of Experience

Ductless Air has been installing ductless heat pumps throughout Toronto and the rest of the GTA for over 30 years. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your ductless heat pump is properly installed and configured to supplement your existing heating system. With our extensive experience, we’re able to install and configure any ductless heat pump from any manufacturer. We also know which makes and models are perfect for every different situation. We always recommend ductless heat pump units from manufacturers that we know and trust. There are lots of units out there with lots of features and shiney parts, but some of them don’t work well and aren’t built to last. We’ll protect you from purchasing these units and provide you with options for your home that will heat and cool your home, and last for years to come.

Free Ductless Heat Pump Consultation

When it comes time to install a new ductless heat pump or ductless air conditioner, there are a lot of choices to make. If you have an existing unit that just needs to be replaced it’s much easier, but if you’re installing a ductless heat pump system for the first time it can be difficult. Talk to one of our expert HVAC technicians is the best first step you can take. A Ductless Air representative will come to your home, evaluate your space, talk to you about usage and gather any other pertinent information they need. Once we have a good understand of your situation we’ll provide you with an estimate as to how long it will take and how much it will cost. We’ll also provide you with a number of options for ductless heat pump units that will suit your unique situation. Overall, you can count on Ductless Air to ensure that you get the best ductless heat pump installed and configured correctly.

The only construction necessary to get your new ductless heat pump and ductless air conditioner up and running is a 2 inch hole in an exterior wall of your home. We need to connect the external and internal units to each other. Each unit will also need to be properly hung or supported inside and outside of your home.

Ductless Heat Pump Reliability

Since you’re investing in a ductless heat pump system, you want to ensure that it’s reliable and will provide heat when you need it. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hard earned money on a ductless heat pump only to have it break down once a month. This is why it’s important to purchase a ductless heat pump from a reputable manufacturer. In addition to buying the right unit, it’s also important to properly maintain your heat pump. An annual maintenance appointment with Ductless Air will keep your ductless heat pump operating reliably year round. With regular use your ductless heat pump will experience wear and tear, which can lead to some small issues over time. Regular maintenance ensures that these small issues don’t become big problems, which can lead to breakdowns. When we have the opportunity to do a yearly check we can often find these issues when they’re just starting or very small. Essentially, it’s much easier and typically cheaper to fix a small problem than a big one.

Ductless Heat Pump Efficiency

The efficiency of your ductless heat pump is just as important as its efficiency. When your ductless heat pump is operating efficiently that means it’s using less energy to perform its primary processes. In doing so, it’s positively affecting your energy bills, which means you save money each month. We always recommend installing energy efficient ductless heat pumps during our free consultations. Installing an energy-efficient heat pumps are a great first step, but that level of efficiency also needs to be properly maintained. With an annual maintenance appointment, Ductless Air will be able to properly adjust, clean and maintain your ductless heat pump and system so they operate as efficiently as possible year round. Overall, making an annual ductless maintenance and repair appointment with Ductless Air is a great way to save money on your monthly energy bills.


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Professional Ductless Heat Pump & Ductless AC Services

Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance

When it comes to the appliances in your home you probable don’t think they need any maintenance to keep running, which might be true in some cases. However, if you want them to keep running efficiently and reliably, appliances that you use on a daily basis, like your ductless heat pump, need annual maintenance.

It can be very frustrating to try and turn on your ductless heat pump only to have nothing happen. You might think you can fiddle with it and get it working, but that typically won’t do it. You need to call a professional from Ductless Air. Most of the time situations like this can be avoided with annual maintenance appointments. Avoid a breakdown and book an annual maintenance appointment with Ductless Air. We survey your entire system looking for everything and anything that can potentially cause a problem for you when mother nature turns up the heat. We properly clean and configure your ductless system as well, so it doesn’t have anything impeding its ability to provide you and your family with cool moisture-free air all summer long.

Emergency Ductless Heat Pump Repair Services

If you and your family have come home after a nice fall walk through the Don Valley, or watching Labour Day fireworks at the beach to find that your ductless heat pump isn’t working, it’s time to call Ductless Air. Our emergency ductless heat pump repair services are designed to get your unit and system up and running fast. After receiving your call we’ll be at your home within 4 hours. So if you call us at 11:00pm we’ll be at your home by 3:00am.

Our emergency ductless heat pump repair services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It’s that simple!

24/7 Emergency Repairs: Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless Air has been providing emergency ductless heat pump repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA for over 30 years.

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