Ductless Air Systems Need Maintenance Too!

Ductless air systems and ductless heat pumps systems aren’t like your standard window air conditioners. They have both an indoor air handler unit and an outdoor compressor unit. They’re known as mini split systems, basically because they’re a smaller version of a central air conditioning system, which is also a split system. By comparison a window air conditioner is just a temporary cooling addition that’s good for one small room, but your new ductless air system is a long-term investment that will run efficiently for many years to come.

After installing a ductless air system in any home, we always recommend to the homeowner that they schedule an annual maintenance appointment. This helps ensure that their system is running properly and efficiently year-round. Remember, your ductless air system is an investment. Here’s why maintenance is so important.

Ductless Air System Cleaning

The condensate line removes water and allows it to drain from your indoor unit. If these lines are allowed to clog from a calcium or mineral deposit the condensate tray will overflow and can cause water damage if you don’t notice it happening.

Cleaning out the condensate line and the evaporator coils is a key step in annual maintenance of your ductless air system because it protects your home. Our technicians:

  • Clean your ductless air unit’s evaporator coils.
  • Remove and clean any indoor air quality components.
  • Remove buildup from the condensate drain and line.

Ductless Air Systems Can Breakdown

Just like any other machine, ductless air systems can breakdown from time to time. This happens with regular wear and tear, but it can be minimized with annual maintenance.

The internal components and parts of your ductless air system, like the blower unit, is fairly durable, but it runs a lot and over time can get dirty and wear out, which can ultimately lead to reduced efficiency and a breakdown.

If dirt and dust is allowed to build up on the condenser coil it can actually have an insulating effect on the system. That means it will keep heat in when its purpose is to actually release heat. Similarly, there are many ways that a lack of maintenance can lead to a breakdown.

Maintain Efficiency with Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your ductless unit running efficiently. When it’s properly tuned up and running as well as it can, that means your ductless air system doesn’t have to work as hard to perform all its major and secondary functions. Keeping things running well involves adjusting fan belts, lubricating all moving parts, cleaning coils, etc. All of these efficiency saving tasks save on effort, which in turn saves on energy, which in turn saves you money on your monthly bills.

For more information about keeping your ductless air system running properly, call a Ductless Air HVAC technician today for a free estimate 647-547-6079.