Ductless Air Replacement is Easy

You’ve had your trusty and reliable ductless air conditioner for so long you don’t even remember having it installed. Ductless air conditioners are machines and like all machines they eventually need maintenance, repair and ultimately replacement. It might seem like it will be daunting or expensive, but realistically ductless air replacement is easy!

Ductless Air Replacement

The good news about ductless air replacement is that when your ductless air conditioner stops working it doesn’t always mean that you have to replace both the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler units. Quite often we see clients that ask for full ductless air replacement and only need one of the components replaced. This means that the costs are much less than anticipated as replacing only one end of the system is fast and easy.

If it turns out that a complete ductless air replacement is necessary, do not worry. It’s a fairly quick and painless process. The holes in the exterior wall are already drilled, the connecting wires and the conduits are already there, and can sometimes be reused. Overall, a new system will take a day or two at most to install and you’ll have nice cool air running through your home again in no time.

When there is an existing system in place it’s very easy for a new system to be installed so overall ductless air replacement is quite easy. When installing a new system, it’s always a good idea to evaluate the energy-efficiency of your system and understand the benefits of an Energy Star rated ductless air conditioning system.

At Ductless Air we always recommend energy-efficient ductless air conditioners and work to ensure your system is configured properly. The is the best way to save money on your monthly energy bills and keep your system running efficiently for years to come.

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