The Growing Popularity Of The Ductless Air Conditioning System

At some point in home ownership the decision to renovate or move comes up. Both have their pros and cons, but if you make the decision to renovate then it’s important to note that there are options other than central air conditioning when it comes to home cooling. Central air conditioning is often the first thought of homeowners when they want to improve their home cooling, but if you live in a home without existing ductwork the installation and construction costs can be massive. A ductless air conditioning system is an affordable and fast way to install an energy-efficient cooling system in your home. Also know as a ductless split system or heat pump system, a ductless air conditioning system requires no construction and is fast and easy to install in any room of the house. For these reasons they’ve quickly grown in popularity over the past few decades.

The Ductless Air Conditioning System

These ductless systems are becoming rapidly more popular than central air conditioning systems. They are increasingly being purchased through Ductless Air to solve the following issues in residential spaces across Toronto, York Region and the rest of the GTA:

  • Homes and building with areas and rooms that constantly have hot and cold spots that do not match the rest of the space.
  • Converting garages and other storage spaces into living spaces.
  • Replacing existing window air conditioners with a ductless air conditioning system.
  • Ensuring that an additional room, extension of a space, an addition or any other conversion has adequate heating and cooling.
  • Some windows do not allow for window air conditioners and a ductless air conditioning system is an affordable and long-term solution that can increase the value of your home.

Additionally, a ductless air conditioning system can save you up to 50% on your household heating and cooling costs compared to oil, propane, electric, and some other types of heating sources. A ductless air conditioning system is one of the most energy-efficient systems that can be installed in a home or office that won’t break the bank.

Finding and installing the best system for your home or office can be a challenge depending on your budget, the size of your space, the usage of your space and a number of other factors. Essentially, the best way to find out which unit is best for your needs is to consult a Ductless Air technician. A Ductless Air HVAC technician will evaluate your space and provide you with energy-efficient options for a ductless air conditioning system that’s right for you.

At Ductless Air we have over 30 years of experience with the installation of ductless air conditioning systems and other air conditioning systems. For more information about how a ductless air conditioning system will improve your home or to schedule an appointment contact Ductless Air today: 647-547-6079