Ductless Air Conditioners Or Heat Pumps?

Toronto, the GTA and all of southern Ontario have 3 seasons. They are super cold, nice and warm and road construction season. Some may also argue that hockey season happens in there somewhere too. Simply put, we make many decisions in our lives depending on the weather. One of the biggest choices we make is how to heat and cool our homes. Many older Toronto homes rely on ductless air conditioners for cooling because they don’t have existing duct systems and have boilers and radiators for heating. Alternatively, many ductless air conditioners can also provide heating. These units are called heat pumps.

What’s the difference between ductless air conditioners and heat pumps?

Simply put, heat pumps are a log like air conditioners, specifically ductless air conditioners. The difference is that they work in reverse. In the summer heat pumps will cool your home where it transfers warm air from indoors to outside. In the fall and winter heat pumps switch and bring warm air into your home from the outside. This might seem impossible since the air outside is cold, but it essentially takes any little bit of heat energy out of that cold air and turns it into heat for your home.

Heat pumps aren’t the be all end all heating solution for super cold days in the Toronto winter, but they are a good complement to any heating system, and can be used instead of any other heating solution throughout days that aren’t record-breaking cold days.

Heat pump efficiency is measured as HSPF or heating seasonal performance factor. Like SEER, it compares the heating output to the energy used, and the higher the number the better. Right now HSPF numbers go to about 10.

Overall, if you’re considering installing or replacing a ductless air conditioner in your home, it might be worth considering if heat pumps might be the way to go. As one of our Ductless Air Toronto HVAC technicians about pricing and to find out if heat pumps are right for your home. Contact us at: 647-547-6079