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When sweltering weather is here, there’s nothing you want more than to turn on your ductless air conditioner and escape the cruel and relentless heat. If it’s time for a new ductless air conditioner then you’ve come to the right place. Ductless Air’s ductless air conditioner installation services are an excellent choice. We’ve been installing ductless units in Toronto and the GTA for over 30 years.

During our 30 years of service we’ve seen it all. Ductless air conditioners, new and old, require the proper experience to install. That’s why our ductless air conditioner installation services are ideal. Through our experience we’ve worked on all makes and models, so when you need a new ductless air conditioner installed we can help. Our installation process is fast and easy. We work with you to understand the needs of you and your family. We evaluate your home to understand the layout and the usage. We then provide you with ductless air conditioner options that suit your needs. We always provide options from manufacturers that we know and trust. Some brands are better than others, and each brand has models that we know are the best choice for you. Typically, we recommend installing a high-efficiency ductless air conditioner. These are an excellent source of power savings in any home.

Ductless Air Referrals

We’re a company that likes to rely on our good reputation and referrals for a lot of our new business. We’ve been doing this for the past 30 years, and during that time our company has continued to grow. This tells us a few things. It tells us that our customers like our excellent services and customer service. It also tells us that they like it enough to tell their family, friends, coworkers and neighbours about us. As a result, we’ve grown our amount of new business every year. This has allowed us to hire more and more HVAC professionals, which is great. We love growing our team and supporting our local economy through employment and providing a great service. We’re dedicated to continually serving our customers, new and old, with the same great services and customer service that has gotten us to where we are today.

Free Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Estimate

When you call Ductless Air for installation services, our intention is to be helpful from beginning to end. We start our services by providing you with a free estimate as to how much your installation will cost and how long it will take. It’s that simple. We know you need to budget appropriately to fit the installation of your new ductless AC into your family budget, and paying for an estimate doesn’t make sense to us. We’ll gather all the information we need from you and from evaluating your home and then provide you with a clear picture of your situation relating to ductless air conditioner installation.

Ductless AC Reliability

The reliability of your ductless air conditioner or ductless air conditioning system is important. If Toronto is in the middle of a heatwave and your ductless air conditioner stops working you’ll want to know why. Basically, it boils down to reliability, which boils down to two major factors.

The first, is the brand of ductless air conditioner that you’ve chosen to install. While we recommend the best brands based on our year of experience, many people get a good deal elsewhere and just need us to install the unit they have. That’s fine with us, but sometimes that great deal can lead to reliability issue with your new ductless air conditioner. Installing a trusted and reliable brand is the first step to ensuring the reliability of your ductless air conditioning system.

The second comes down to proper maintenance. At Ductless Air, we recommend annual ductless air conditioner maintenance. From experience this is the best way to ensure that your ductless air conditioner is ready for the spring and summer, when it experiences heavy use. During maintenance we check for everything that we know can go wrong or break on a ductless air conditioner. It’s much easier to be preventative than the fix something after the fact. Waiting until something breaks due to dirt, dust, or just wear and tear can lead to a break down. Our ductless air conditioner maintenance services will catch any issues with your ductless air conditioner before they become big problems. In our experience it’s much easier to fix a small issue before it becomes a big problem.

Ductless AC Efficiency

The efficiency of your ductless air conditioning system is important. When we discuss efficiency with you and your family, we’re referring to how well your ductless air conditioner is operating in reference to cooling your home and energy usage. When your ductless air conditioner is operating efficiently, that means that it’s using less energy to cool your home compared to other similar units that aren’t efficient. The first step in ensuring the efficiency of your ductless air conditioner or ductless ai conditioning system is to install a high-efficiency ductless AC unit. As mentioned, we always recommend installing high-efficiency ductless AC units from the beginning. Once you have a ductless air conditioner that is high-efficiency, the starting point of the efficiency of your unit is much better. As time passes through heavy usage during the year, your ductless air conditioner will lose some of its efficiency. That’s why an annual maintenance appointment is necessary, to ensure it’s efficiency is at its peak.

When your ductless air conditioner is operating efficiently it’s using less energy to cool your home and living spaces. By using less energy, it’s saving your money each month on your energy bills. Overall, Ductless Air’s annual ductless air conditioner maintenance services are a great way to save you money each month.


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Beat the Summer Heat With A Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless Maintenance

It’s hard to stress the importance of ductless air conditioner maintenance and repairs. Your ductless air conditioner is an investment and as such it needs to be taken care of to protect that investment. You wouldn’t drive your car for years and years without changing the oil, replacing the tires and brakes, or fill the windshield washer fluid would you? Just like your car, your ductless air conditioner needs maintenance to work properly for many years. There’s no two ways about it. That’s why Ductless Air provides professional ductless air conditioner maintenance services throughout Toronto and the GTA.

Emergency Repairs

Nothing can be more frustrating in the summer than coming home after a hot day at work to find your ductless air conditioner isn’t working. You fiddle with it, unplug it and plug it back in, and try a few different settings, but it just won’t turn on or spout out cool air. What do you do now? It’s the end of the work day and you don’t want to sleep in a hot house all night long. It’s situations like this that led us to create our emergency ductless air conditioner repair services.

Ductless Air’s emergency ductless air conditioner services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. That means if your ductless air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, we’ll be there to fix it. We also guarantee that we’ll be there within 4 hours of receiving your call. If you call us at 11:00pm with a broken down ductless air conditioner we’ll be at your home to fix it before 3:00am.

Contact Ductless Air today if you have an emergency: 647-547-6079

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