Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini split air conditioners are basically ductless air-conditioning systems. They’re often known as mini split systems and are a great alternative to window units or central air conditioning. Due to their small size mini split air conditioners are typically used in houses, although there are some light-commercial applications. Mini split air conditioners are made up of 2 basic components: the indoor fan unit and the outdoor condenser. These 2 parts are connected by a series of conduits or pipes, that contain refrigerant, condensate lines, and also electricity in order to supply the power to every unit. The indoor fans may be recessed and/or surface mounted, and may be installed on or in the walls or/and ceiling within the area which requires cooling.

Mini Split Air Conditioners: Uses

Mini spit air conditioners are primarily used for cooling houses that aren’t equipped with the central air conditioning. One fan unit is capable of cooling a single room, and a number of fan units can be connected to one outdoor condenser in order to cool multiple rooms or zones. A mini split system is also a good way to cool additions to homes instead of extending a duct network to a new room & possibly up sizing your central air conditioning-unit.

Mini Split Air Conditioners: Installation

The installation process for mini split air conditioners is fairly simple when compared to what may be necessary for larger central air conditioning units. The outdoor component of the mini split air conditioning units should be placed on a solid surface or on a new concrete pad. Once installed, a 3 inch hole is drilled in the house’s exterior wall in order to make room for the condensate and the refrigerant lines. The lines are then run into the house so they can be easily connected to the fan unit or multiple units. Each fan unit should be installed within 50 feet of the condenser.


Mini Split Air Conditioners: Advantages

Mini split air conditioners offer a number of benefits over most other air conditioning systems. They usually require no-ductwork, which keeps the overall costs low. If you use a mini split system to cool a room or multiple rooms in your home you won’t have to live through the messy demolition that can come with adding duct work to an already finished home. Mini split air conditioners also provide high levels of energy efficiency by directing cool air where it’s needed, rather than an the entire home. Once it has been installed, a mini split unit will remain in place, and doesn’t require moving from room to room.

Despite the many advantages of mini split air conditioners, the mini-split systems do have some drawbacks. First, mini split air conditioners are a little bit more expensive when compared to other air-conditioning systems, especially when you compare the costs per a ton of the cooling capacity. However, in the small spaces or areas mini split air conditioners may make sense, but in-larger homes or houses, it may be a little bit cheaper to install central air conditioning. Additionally, many home owners may not be happy or satisfied with the look or appearance of fan units in their homes. Finally, since the mini split units are relatively-new, it may be rather difficult to find or get a qualified installer in certain areas. If you’re interested in learning more about mini split air conditioners, or would like a free quote for purchase and installation call Ductless Air today: 647-547-6079

mini split air conditioners

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