Ductless Air Conditioner Toronto

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Installing a ductless air conditioner Toronto might look easy but it’s actually more complex than you’d think There are specific procedures that need to be followed in order to guarantee properly functioning after installation. Here is the best way to install your ductless air conditioners for optimized functionality.

Before working on any air conditioning or other HVAC appliance the first step is to ensure the electricity is disconnected from the unit or area where you’re working. Once the electricity is off you’ll need to mark the area where you will have the ductless air conditioner Toronto refrigeration line, electrical cables, and the discharge lines. This can be done by mounting the bracket on the wall as you mark where they will go. The brackets should be firmly mounted to prevent coming loose and other future problems.

Using a rotary hammer and a 3 – inch diameter bit, create a hole in the wall near the ductless air conditioner. You can now screw the mounting bracket to the wall. Ensure that it’s fastened tightly and levelled properly. Next, install the ductless air conditioner to the wall-mounted bracket. Once you have it mounted, pass the refrigeration lines and the condensate lines through the holes that you created in the wall.

After all this is done, you will have to attach a vertical chase to the ductless air conditioner Toronto just below the hole on the exterior wall. It should be attached vertically, directly below the hole similar to mini split systems. This chase will hold all of the lines, including the electrical line. Using a PVC pipe, extend the condensate discharge line towards the ground and fasten it at the base using a C-clamp. Next, set the outdoor condensing unit at a height so it’s at the same level as the pad that is adjacent to the chase.

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Cont’d

With two adjustable wrenches, tighten the compression fittings on the refrigerant lines. When finished, wrap insulation around each of the lines so no areas are exposed. Next, run a weather tight conduit box to the condenser unit. The conduit should provide the avenue through which electrical wires will be fed into the system.

You will have to install the ductless tubing and the lines in a way so they are protected from movement within the room. They should be hidden and away from contact with anything else in the room. The electrical cables will also run through the holes that were initially created. Next, snap the cover to the electrical connections to reveal the concealed areas of the wires. You will now make all the necessary electrical connections at the condenser and the air conditioner. Next, pressure test the system using nitrogen at a level of 300 pounds per square inch during the test.

Once the testing is done you will have to vacuum out all the nitrogen that was used. It is important that all the nitrogen within the area is completely removed from the system. The best way to do this is by using a vacuum. You will then open the valves so that the refrigerant is released from the system. Once this is done, you can turn on the electricity and test the air conditioner. You have now successfully installed a ductless air conditioner Toronto!

Ductless Air Conditioner Toronto: Installation

Ductless Air Conditioner Toronto: Advantages

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