Case Study: Commercial Ductless Installation

With plenty of turnover in a city the size of Toronto and the GTA, there is no shortage of commercial spaces looking to rent out to the latest entrepreneur. That’s what led us to Sam. His commercial space wasn’t the biggest, but it housed 2 floors with space for 2 separate businesses to operate comfortably – at least in the winter. We got a call from Sam when he needed out commercial ductless installation services.

Keeping Cool With Commercial Ductless Installation

Sam reached out to us to fix one nagging problem he’s had for a while now. You see, the building he owns is older and relies on a boiler and radiators to provide heat in the winter. That leaves his tenants to rely heavily on fans, and opening the windows during the summer months. While this might be fine on most days, when the humidity is high, everyone really feels the lack of air conditioning.

After calling us, we were able to dispatch someone to take a look at Sam’s space. Commercial ductless installation was the best option for him. In fact, only one unit per floor was more than enough since each space was mostly open concept. However, Sam insisted on 2 units for the main floor to ensure his tenant was kept cool. He explained that his tenant has been with him a while now, and they reside upstairs – which is naturally a bit warmer. Plus, he wanted to make sure his tenant operated their business efficiently, and as Sam said “you can’t do that when you’re sweating bullets”. While one unit would have better fit Sam’s budget, 2 would cool the staff of about 16 people or so more efficiently. The downstairs space is naturally cooler and often used as a temporary space for pop-up shops, art installations, and other events. This smaller space was well-suited for a single unit.

We worked with him to narrow down which model was best suited to his building, and his budget. He eventually settled on Daikin for his commercial ductless installation.

Ductless Air Provides Commercial Ductless Installation

Cases like Sam’s are great for the local community. It fills us with pride to be able to help local businesses of any size with our 30 years of HVAC expertise, which includes commercial ductless installation. Our experts understand that time is money for our clients, and we respond quickly, assess the situation professionally, and get the job done efficiently to deliver quality for our clients. We’re even available 24/7 should you need us in the event of an emergency. We understand things break down, and we are always there to help keep you on track. If you need commercial ductless installation for your business, contact Ductless Air at 647-547-6079. We’ll work with you and make recommendations that are right for your commercial space.