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Central Air Conditioning For Every Home

Central air conditioning systems have numerous advantages over other residential and commercial cooling systems. It’s easily one of the most effective and efficient ways to cool your space and circulate air throughout. Additionally, one major benefit that’s often overlooked is how hard central air conditioners work to improve and maintain the indoor air quality of your home.

Central air conditioning systems force cool air through duct systems in your home or commercial building. This is how it distributes air throughout the building in a very efficient way. Air is filtered prior to be distributed so no pollen, dust or other particles are sent throughout your home. An endless supply of cool and refreshing air is a major benefit of any central air conditioning system, and that’s just part of it’s regular operation.

Other Advantages of Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioners make much less noise than other units because the condenser, fan and compressor are all located outside. Compared to window units that not only take up valuable daylight, but are very noisy and intrusive, central air conditioners are much quieter.

Central air conditioning systems don’t take up any space inside your home. If your home was built and designed with ductwork for a furnace, your new central air conditioner simply utilizes this system to cool your home. No additional machinery is needed inside your home, so the decor and space isn’t affected.

When it comes to controlling a central air conditioner there are multiple easy-to-use options in terms of thermostats. Whether you go with a top of the line smart thermostat like a NEST , or a more affordable and programmable option you will have no trouble properly setting and controlling the temperature in your home.

Don’t Let The Cost Fool You

A central air conditioning system is a long-term investment. Like other similar investments there is typically a larger upfront cost that pays for itself over the long term. Central air conditioners are no different. Their cost might be a little intimidating at first, but with reduced energy usage due to how easy they are to control and their efficiency they will actually save you money over time. Also depending on the model you purchase you may be in line for a government rebate for saving energy.

York Central Air Conditioning Systems

If you’ve done some shopping around for central air conditioning systems already then you’ve surely heard or saw the name York. York central air conditioners are a trusted staple in Toronto and the Great Toronto Area. We’ve been installing them in homes throughout the region for over 30 years, and many of our customers won’t allow us to install anything else. Check out the York products we carry to learn more about York central air conditioners.

Lennox Air Conditioning Systems

Similar to York, Lennox central air conditioners have been around for decades, and also similar to York we’ve been installing Lennox central air conditioners throughout Toronto and the GTA for over 30 years. We know and trust the Lennox central air conditioning products and install hundreds of them every year. Learn more about Lennox products and call us for a free quote.

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