Benefits Of Heat Pumps Over Central Heating

With more and more people looking for housing in Toronto and the GTA, spaces are becoming more and more compact. What does that mean for your heating options in the winter though? If you’ve been wondering about upgrading your heating, it might be nice to know more about the benefits of heat pumps in your home.

The Basics Of Heat Pumps In Your Home

Saving money is always nice, and it’s even nicer when you’re a homeowner. Energy bills are always climbing higher in the summer and winter months, but having the right energy efficient heating and cooling option in your home can help control costs.

Heat pumps work by pulling in air from outside, condensing it, and distributing it to your home to keep you warm in the winter. This is significantly different than a traditional furnace that uses ductwork to spread warm air throughout your home. Heat pumps actually only distribute warm air to a given area of your home. This is good for savings since it requires less energy to deliver heat to one or two rooms rather than your whole home.

Another benefit is that heat pumps are quiet. Unlike a furnace, heat pumps have become less and less noisy over the years so you’ll almost forget they’re on. Plus, these units are much cheaper than buying a new furnace.

One thing that should be stated is that heat pumps work best based on your needs. If you have a bigger family using multiple areas of your home at once, or already have existing ductwork in place, swapping out your furnace for a heat pump won’t make much sense. Instead, if you’re home isn’t as busy or large, having a heat pump in the winter could make a significant difference each month to your energy costs.

Consult Professional Installers For Heat Pumps

After 35 years of taking care of Toronto and the GTA, we always recommend letting a professional handle any HVAC repairs or installations. It just saves time, money and ensures you receive a quality job. Plus, the right professional would recommend certain models based on your home to ensure you have enough power to heat and cool it properly. If you ever need help or have any questions about your HVAC system, give us a call at 647-547-6079. From heat pumps to furnaces, our team has installed, repaired, and maintained it all. We’d love to help!